What is the Emotion Code?

by Dr. Don Bailey

As an Emotion Code Practitioner and a medical intuitive I am often asked “just what is the Emotion Code?”

The Emotion Code is a system for determining which trapped emotions and emotion trauma an individual needs to release. It is based on the Emotion Code book, written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In the book, which is written for anyone who wants to explore emotional healing, there is the Emotion Code Chart.The “E-motion movie” explores this further.

By using muscle testing (which I can easily teach you-see my YouTube video below to get started) one can determine exactly which trapped emotions, or past emotional traumas, are causing ongoing physical or emotional problems. As an Emotion Code Practitioner, and Bodycode Practitioner, I can help you release emotional baggage. I have not only been given the gift of medical intuition but of emotional intuition.

You can learn this technique, I can guide you as you get started.

Hope is Here!