About Dr. Don Bailey

Dr. Don Bailey

After getting minimal relief from his pain and anxiety/depression issues with traditional medicine he began exploring differing forms of energy therapies-finding powerful aspects in several techniques and molding his own approach. As he began to heal his own issues he found he had increasing insight into the health problems of others, as well as animals (healing his own Labrador Retriever of cancer).

The more people and animals he worked with the more insight and intuition he developed-becoming both a medical intuitive and empath. He practices both hands-on and distance healing. His belief is that any medical condition can be healed by freeing up the individuals own inner healing intelligence and immune system. His approach is to teach others to learn to heal themselves, their loved ones, and their pets. He teaches skills that anyone can use on an ongoing basis to stay well.

Below is Dr. Bailey’s own testimonial.

Until my late 20’s I was in relatively good health except for panic disorder which was at first successfully treated with medications. However, in the mid-80’s, and just 2 weeks after a Hepatitis B vaccination I started having severe pain throughout my body, overwhelming fatigue, and this feeling that I could not think as clearly (now known as “brain fog”). I saw two rheumatologists– the first told me that “nothing was wrong with me” and the second suggested that if we just waited long enough that my tests would probably become positive for lupus! In both cases my hope was literally sucked out of me.

As an individual I knew that something was seriously wrong with me. As a physician I knew that some conditions are difficult to diagnose and that doctors don’t have all the answers. Two years later the “new” disease of fibromyalgia was recognized but the identical syndrome of “fibrocytis” had been recognized decades earlier. Later “EI” (environmental illness) and “MCS” (multiple chemical sensitivities) were both recognized.

I felt like many patients feel, that the doctors did not spend much time with me and that they really did not explain their thinking to me. I was frustrated that a more open-minded approach wasn’t offered-perhaps acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.. As a doctor, I also knew that many physicians are frustrated when a patient doesn’t fit a clear cut diagnosis-and they are rushed for time and feel overwhelmed by their patient load.

Thus began my first venture into the preludes of energy healing, that is, meditation and guided visualization that had been studied in Eastern medicine and by a few medical doctors and psychologists in the West. I responded pretty well to this and good nutrition but I still had some pain and fatigue. But it was tolerable and I could at least work and be productive.

However, several years later the fibromyalgia, EI/MCS and panic attacks returned. I started reading more about “energy medicine”-I knew as a physician that traditional medicine had nothing further to offer me. I was treating several patients with fibromyalgia, depression, auto-immune diseases, and other degenerative illnesses and making little headway.

I found that energy healing strives to remove energetic blocks such as trapped emotions-emotional traumas that are held in the brain and body. These traumas and blocks must be balanced and/or released in order to allow the individual’s innate or inner intelligence to heal them. Combining different energy approaches seemed to work best for myself and my patients. With good energy healers working with me my fibromyalgia and panic attacks resolved completely. I learned from them and studied as many healing techniques as I could and gradually my own insight and intuition grew. I then was able to help others with increasing success. I developed the skills of a “medical intuitive” and “empath”.

I realized that, in retrospect, that I had suffered from PTSD. Memories and deep emotions from when my father left my mother and myself when I was 15 started to come forward.

My mother had suffered from a deep, suicidal depression during this period-I felt lost, angry, and unable to help her. This is when my severe panic attacks began but it was only many years later that I would recognize this correlation and begin to feel, and thereby release, these deep seated emotional traumas.

I have been particularly attracted to the Emotion Code and read Dr. Brad Nelson book “The Emotion Code” several years ago-which is now featured in the “E-motion Movie”. It seemed much more powerful than other energy techniques I had studied, particularly at finding the blocks to healing-with a much higher success rate. I studied directly with Dr. Brad Nelson and became a certified Emotion Code practitioner. Later, when the Body Code system was developed I was certified as a Body Code practitioner.

Along the way other healing modalities came my way and I could use my gift of being a medical intuitive to assess their effectiveness. “EFT” (emotional freedom technique), also known as “acu-tapping”and “the tapping solution” is a process I can teach anyone to assist in their own healing.

Somatic experiencing, sometimes called re-experiencing, is another profound way to release trapped emotions and emotional blocks. It is extremely useful in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) but also in individuals with past emotional and/or physical trauma (for example victims of sexual and physical abuse) also known as ACE’s-Adverse Childhood Experiences.

After my own experience and frustrations with the limits of Western medicine, I knew that my mission was to bring these healing opportunities to those suffering from acute and chronic illnesses, including children and teens with ADHD, ODD, ASD (autism spectrum disorders), and addictions. I also work with adult addictions, as well as PTSD, cancer, anxiety, fatigue, pain, mental decline, Alzheimer’s, and “brain fog”.

My goal is to help you heal and to teach you to heal yourself!