TLC’s “Animal Healing Specialist”

What is an Animal Communicator or Animal Intuitive?

An animal communicator, also referred to as an “animal intuitive” is an individual who has developed their innate ability to talk with animals to sense their emotions and feelings! This allows a true animal intuitive to do healing work with the animals they are “talking” with.

Dr. Don Bailey is an Animal Healing Specialist. While he trained as an MD and practiced medicine for 23 years, he became a medical intuitive, holistic and alternative practitioner,and energy healer after developing fibromyalgia. He found his healing answers outside of traditional allopathic Western Medicine.

A major step in Dr. Bailey’s journey came when he was able to heal his own Labrador Retriever of cancer! When you see Dr. Bailey as the healer on TLC’s “Our Wild Life” he is using methods he learned healing his own animals as well as his sisters dogs, cats and horses. This blossomed into his holistic practice using energy healing with others animals.

People often ask “How does this healing work?” And “What is a medical intuitive?” A medical intuitive develops the ability to see a “vision” of the body and surrounding energy field. It might be a picture, image or a just a “sense” of what is going on, or wrong! Using this higher vision, it is possible to detect physical problems by seeing disturbances in the energy fields that surround as well as penetrate a person’s body. The image is then evaluated to discover energy disturbances which can cause health related issues.

As their visions continue to evolve, medical intuitives may begin to see all the organs, glands and systems in the physical body, as well as auras, chakras, and acupuncture meridians. Dr. Don Bailey can also tap into the individuals chi (qi), prana, life energy, spirit, and energy field and use this intuition and “vision” to do human and animal healing.

So animal healers may use their intuition to “see” what is happening with an animal. Some, like Dr. Don, are also an empath—they are able to feel or sense the emotional state of an animal or a human. They then may use hands on healing, like Reiki, to shift the energy of the individual from unbalanced to balanced. Dr. Bailey has also learned how to energetically pull negative energies out of the energy fields of both animals and people-including children.

Whether doing energy healing with people or animals, Dr. Bailey’s goal is to see and correct the disturbances and imbalances in the energy field—also known as the “bodyfield”. Most importantly Dr. Don Bailey teaches people to do their own healing. As he likes to say:

“heal our animals”

“heal our children”

“heal ourselves”