Holistic Medicine & Energy Healing Practitioner

Dr. Don Bailey, MD is a holistic and alternative medicine practitoner, and is well-known as a “Medical Intuitive”. He also is trained in many modalities of Energy Medicine. After practicing for several years in traditional, allopathic Western medicine he realized that many medications and treatments could be harmful to his patients. He has found natural alternatives that can be more effective than prescription medications. He has trained in alternative, Energy Medicine techniques including EFT, the Emotion Code and Bodycode, Re-experiencing and other methods for PTSD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Cancer, and more. He specializes as well in Emotional Healing and working with the human “body field” and “biofield”.

“Without him I truly believe I may be bed ridden or on a wheelchair”

I’ve been a patient with Dr. Don Bailey for several years. I suffered with fibromyalgia for over 30 years when I came to him. I had gone the medical route trying to find answers to
my pain. Everything that was given to me ,prescription wise just covered up my symptoms and didn’t get to my pain issues.

After a couple of sessions with him using the Emotion Code and Body Code and finding all the trapped emotions mainly going back to my father’s death at the age of 10, he began to get rid of these emotions. As they were eliminated I began to feel better, less pain and other symptoms I dealt with such as brain fog and general lethargy. I’ve basically got my life back and am able to function. Without him I truly believe I may be bedridden or on a wheelchair. Instead I’m living life and at 71 looking forward to the last third of it.

K.H. Colorado

He pointed out things other doctors had missed.

I’ve worked with countless practitioners over the years but Dr. Don is one of the best – I actually came across him after listening to a podcast on energy healing. He understands both western and functional medicine, and is an incredible intuitive. He pointed out things other doctors had missed, and was able to identify the exact years certain life events occurred without me telling him! It’s incredibly rare to find someone who can address both the emotional and physical aspects of healing to get to the root cause. Plus, we do everything over the phone! Highly recommended.

Nina Liu

He’s what people would call a medical intuitive.

Dr. Bailey did an extraordinary job, and I think he is a great physician. While he practiced traditional medicine, he is trained in holistic and alternatives as well. He’s what people would call a medical intuitive (what folks call someone who can sense what is wrong with you before even you realize it yourself…on both a physical and emotional level). Really helped me a lot, I think he did an amazing job!

Andrew Maxwell

I highly recommend working with Dr. Bailey.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Bailey. He is a gifted intuitive with a true passion for his work and helping others heal. Sessions with Dr. Bailey are profound and deeply transformative as he targets healing on both a physical and emotional level. Additionally, with his training in western medicine, he is able to bring a unique knowledge and understanding to his energy healing sessions. For anyone looking to change their life!

Lauren Schlansky